Our most Rubbish Episode ever, because we are chatting about RUBBISH!! This episode will have you laughing along with (at) us as well as thinking about all the ways you can get rubbish out of your home and how to reduce the waste you make. We chat about Hard Rubbish collections, tip runs, Skip bins, Aussie Skip bags at Bunnings, recycling, composting and so much more! We have a competition going this week where if you are the first to tell us exactly how many times we say the word “Rubbish” then Amy will send you a copy of her book Simply Organised. So make careful note! Big shout out to our friends Kylie Johnston and Anna Barnes for their contribution to our chat this week 😉 We hope you enjoy it!

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Things we mentioned in the podcast this week;





www.returnandearn.org.au for where you can recycle your bottles in NSW

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