This week Aunty Amy and Aunty Kirsty come with love to question some of your beliefs challenge you thinking about YOU! We recommend going for a walk, or run or walk the dog to processes some of your frustration at us as we deliver some truth bombs in love and grace because we want the best for you! Is there clutter in your home that it is always someone else fault? If only your kids or partner or housemate dealt with their clutter your house would be a instagrammable home, right? We want to challenge you that maybe you are also responsible for some of the clutter in your home? Maybe you are also a bit of a clutter bug but manage to hide your clutter better? Maybe you need discipline because you know things are clutter but you also know you will get to it one day and you have the mental tab is still opened by you just haven’t made it a priority. We want to give you tips to help and empower those around you as well as to know what you can change so you aren’t constantly frustrated by the people you live with. We want to encourage you that you are a leader in your home and you can set the standard for a clutter-free home. We absolutely love you all and want you to live in the freedom that a clutter-free home brings. As always we hope you have a giggle with us and enjoy the conversation!

Things mentioned in today’s show

Episode 044: Inside Scoop

Episode 078: Our Kids

One we forgot to mention in the recording but is brilliant for this topic too is Episode 065: James’ House

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