We really do understand the demands on women. Between working (whether paid or unpaid), raising a family, helping extended family, health issues and much more it’s no wonder women feel so overwhelmed. And when we’re feeling overwhelmed, it’s easy for things to slide, for the clutter to start to build up.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. We can’t help with the external demands but we can help you take control of the clutter and reclaim your home as a peaceful retreat, where you can relax and regroup.

In our weekly podcast, The Art of Decluttering, we share our top tips and tricks for decluttering and organising your home. Listen to inspiring stories about people we’ve worked with, how they’ve organised their homes and the personal transformation they’ve experienced. If they have done it, so can you!

With almost 1 million downloads worldwide, we invite you to listen to our practical and best-of-friends funny show – because in most episodes one of us ends up in fits of laughter!

Secret Podcast Episode

Download our SECRET BONUS episode (not available on iTunes) to hear the confessions of a professional organiser. What secret clutter confessions do Kirsty & Amy have? Download now.

Great tips and very informative podcast from Amy Revell and Kirsty Farrugia! Very impressed with ideas from Ikea that can be utilised, so I will be paying them a visit. I’m looking forward to using some of these ideas in my own wardrobe and listening to the next episode! Tania Teperson

Podcast Listener

I listened to this podcast on a whim. I’m not into this type of podcast usually, but wanted to expand my tastes a little. I couldn’t have made a better choice. I’ve been listening to it on my drive to work and it makes me anxious to get home and give some of these tips a try. Well done Amy and Kirsty. Keep it up! Late Night Nerd

Podcast Listener

Great tips and ideas of how to declutter and organies around the home, I felt very inspired to put into action the ideas as soon as I got home after driving around and listing to the podcasts! Rebecca Smith

Podcast Listener

I just listened to episode 2 – all about wardrobes (whilst I was doing laundry).

I loved it! You are both amazing!!

I have to say that you do have a similar mindset to me, though I am sure that I have about 7 black t-shirts in my wardrobe Kirsty.

Julie-Anne Townsend

Podcast Listener, Style Remedy